Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh, my dogs!


Dear God:
Is it on purpose our names are the same, only reversed?
 Dear God:
Why do humans smell the flowers,
but seldom, if ever, smell one another?
Dear God:
When we get to heaven, can we sit on your couch?
Or is it still the same old story?
 Dear God:
Why are there cars named after the jaguar, the cougar,
the mustang, the  colt, the stingray, and the rabbit,
but not ONE named for a Dog?
How often  do you see a cougar riding around?
We do love a nice ride! Would it be so hard to rename
the 'Chrysler Eagle' the 'Chrysler Beagle'?
 Dear God:
If a Dog barks his head off in the forest and
no human hears him, is he still a bad Dog?
  Dear God:
We Dogs can understand human verbal instructions,
hand signals, whistles,  horns, clickers, beepers, scent ID's,
electromagnetic energy fields, and  Frisbee flight paths.
What do humans understand?
 Dear God:
More meatballs, less spaghetti, please.
  Dear God:
Are there mailmen in Heaven?
If there are, will I have to apologize?
Dear God:
Let me give you a list
of just some of the things
I must remember to be a good Dog.
1. I will not eat the cats' food
before they eat it or after they throw it up.
2. I will not roll on dead seagulls, fish, crabs, etc.,
just  because I like the way they smell.
3. The Litter Box is not a  cookie jar.
4. The sofa is not a 'face towel'.
5. The  garbage collector is not stealing our stuff.
6. I will not play  tug-of-war with
Dad's underwear when he's on the toilet.
7.  Sticking my nose into someone's crotch
is an unacceptable way of saying  'hello'.
8. I don't need to suddenly stand straight up
when I'm under the coffee table .
9. I must shake the rainwater out of my fur
before entering the house - not after.
10. I will not come in from outside
and immediately drag my butt.
11. I will not sit in the middle of the
living room and lick my crotch.
12. The cat is not a 'squeaky toy' so when
I play with him and he makes that  noise,
it's usually not a good thing.
Dear God:
When I get to Heaven
may I have my testicles back?

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  1. eu adorei a oração do labrador, me fez lembrar a Tara, que gostava disto tudo...o Zulu, por enquanto adora comer TUDO que não pode, e está descobrindo as outras diversões. Muito bom este teu blog, vou indicar para os meus amigos cachorreiros (meu namorado vai amar, ela adora cães!.
    grande abraço,
    Cris bresser

  2. Obrigado pelos seus comentários.
    Aguardo a visita de seus amigos ao blog desta matilha.
    Grande abraço para você,também.